2018/19 Round 3 Wash Up

Premier League: Premier League started the season today against Perth. Losing the toss and bowling first our bowlers struggled with line and length early Read more

Training Schedule 2018/19

*****TRAINING SCHEDULE* - Start Solar Park*** UNDER-13s - first session of the year from 4.30pm FEMALE BOOM & UNDER-17 girls - training will start Read more

Apache Club

JOIN UP THIS WEEK! All players and supporters are invited to sign as an Apache Club social member for 2018-19. You can purchase these behind the bar for Read more

2018/19 Season Sponsors

The HCC would like to thank all of this years sponsors Read more

Cheiftan TV

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Grade: TCL:PREMIER LEAGUE Round: 7 15 Dec 18
Hadspen   drew   Longford
Grade: TCL:PREMIER LEAGUE Round: 8 5 Jan 19
Perth   def by   Hadspen
Grade: TCL:PREMIER LEAGUE Round: 9 12 Jan 19
Beauty Point   def by   Hadspen
Grade: TCL:PREMIER LEAGUE Round: 10 19 Jan 19
Legana   def by   Hadspen
Grade: TCL:A RESERVE Round: 9 15 Dec 18
Cressy   drew   Hadspen
Grade: TCL:A RESERVE Round: 10 5 Jan 19
Hadspen   def   Perth
Grade: TCL:A RESERVE Round: 11 12 Jan 19
Hadspen   def   Evandale
Grade: TCL:A RESERVE Round: 12 19 Jan 19
Hadspen   def   Legana
Grade: TCL:B GRADE Round: 9 16 Dec 18
Hadspen   def   Trevallyn
Grade: TCL:B GRADE Round: 10 6 Jan 19
Perth   def   Hadspen
Grade: TCL:B GRADE Round: 11 13 Jan 19
Hadspen   def   Longford
Grade: TCL:C GRADE Round: 9 16 Dec 18
Cressy   def   Hadspen
Grade: TCL:C GRADE Round: 10 13 Jan 19
Trevallyn   def by   Hadspen
Grade: TCL:FEMALE T20 BOOM Round: 7 19 Dec 18
Hadspen   def   ACL
Grade: TCL:FEMALE T20 BOOM Round: 10 19 Jan 19
Bracknell   def   Hadspen